Morrison has gone missing for public schools

The Morrison Government's failure to fund public schools properly means every student in Australia is missing out on $1,800 school funding, on average, every year.

This Australian Education Union briefing provides a summary of the Labor Party, Greens and Coalition policies for public schools, preschools and TAFE in the 2022 Federal Election. 

Opportunity for all? Not under the Morrison Government

Australia prides itself on being a nation that provides opportunity for all, yet under the Morrison Government, students in public schools are denied the critical funding they need to succeed.

Public schools have not received any federal capital works funding for buildings or equipment since 2017, despite the urgent need for high quality learning areas and new classrooms.

99% of public schools do not have the minimum standard of funding their students need because the Morrison Government has capped federal funding for public schools at 20%, while private schools receive 80%. In fact, public schools are underfunded by a minimum of $6.7 billion every year to 2023. 

Additional teachers and learning programs

If public schools were properly and fairly funded 7 additional teachers, on average,could be employed in every school and additional learning programs could be provided for students who need extra help.

With more teachers, education support staff, smaller classes, high quality learning facilities and proper funding for public schools, every child can thrive and achieve their dreams. 


Every school should be provided the resources to ensure every child gets the best education, regardless of their background or circumstances.


  • Fund public schools to a minimum of 100 per cent of the Schooling Resource Standard.
  • Create a dedicated capital works fund to meet the need of increased public school enrolments.
  • Ensure students with disability receive additional funding to meet their educational needs.

Proper and fair funding would make the world of difference for public schools - new high-quality classrooms and improved school facilities and equipment, more teachers and support staff, smaller classes and additional learning programs to give every child the opportunity for a bright future. 

But to achieve that, we must vote to change the government.

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