Share Your Story

Tell us why increasing funding for public schools is important to you.
Politicians need to hear from real people like you about your experience and why increasing funding to public schools will make a positive difference for your school, your child, or your students. Whether you are a parent or carer, a teacher, a principal, support staff, a student, or just someone who is concerned about education, we want to hear your story.
For politicians to really listen, they need to hear real stories, from real people like you, about why and how increased funding for your school would make a meaningful difference.
Just use the form on the right to share your story now. Not sure what to say? Here are some suggestions:
  • Are class sizes too big, would smaller class sizes make a difference to your child or students’ learning?

  • Do parents, teachers, and support staff have to spend too much time fundraising for the basics?

  • Does your child, or do your students, have additional needs and what difference would additional support staff make? Would more learning support teachers in the classrooms help those that struggle?

  • Are teachers getting the time they need to do their job?

  • Does your school have enough space - enough classrooms to cater for growing school populations?

  • What difference would upgraded and up-to-date equipment and school facilities mean for students, teachers, and support staff?

  • Would extra help in the classroom for the teacher, through more support staff, improve learning?

There's no wrong thing to say! It's just important that politicians hear about real experiences.